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Prove Me Wrong

by The Maple Verse

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Debut release by British prog outfit Maple Verse recommended if you like Collage, Freedom to Glide, Here on Earth, Ricky Patel and Retrospective

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he river’s rough you struggle not to drown Seeking a way to your own dreamland Far in ahead the light is clearly on It shows you the way into the meander You know you’ll get there, question’s how But your head’s still down It’s spring you hear a thousand different sounds But fail to listen to a single one They’re easier to repeat than to understand So you make your own and think they buck the trend Look in the mirror and smile back Just for a while lose the track put on a golden coat they’d say Weather’s great Learn to feast on time of waiting Understand the price of aiming high Silent voices of hope and glory Fear, doubt and disbelief Watch the storyline unrolling Recognise each step in going up Words and clichés of no importance Next billboard number one Is this line a spark of genius Is it total crap Uninvited (do not care, care a lot) Disregarded (do your thing, follow them) How to escape the cage of what has been already played How to fit in a place I don't enjoy Grown in silence (everyone's a professor) Always finding (youtubers, your idols) Answers to the previous ones (filter out, you are the one) Can you help me to make my bubble real credits from Prove Me Wrong, released October 21, 2022 Composition and lyrics by Bartek Kosiński Bass, Keys and Vocals by Bartek Kosiński Electric and Acoustic Guitar by Mateusz Jagiełło Drums by Jake Aubrey Solo Cello by Finn Froome-Lewis Mixed by Mateusz Jagiełło Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Invasion 04:42
Never felt the need for other truth Followed only what I understood Based my happiness just on myself Didn't let the others to invade How good it felt to just abandon it all Open arms A different page to write Lost and bewildered in perfect life Wanted to learn wanted to try To leave my broken self in the past And reinstate the child's mind How did we go from there to be far and astray Burned by silence, hollow looks And why Out of a thousand endings the story could have Still the worst one's being played Like a deer that's running scared We cannot stop the flame just change its way The tree together we have grown from seed Fell and crushed us both now underneath Let there be somebody to blame Every time You play your piano parts The walls are crumbling under your touch A fleeting music of the past Of best invasion I could have had Keeps resonating in the dark How did we go from there to be far and astray Burned by silence, hollow looks And why Out of a thousand endings the story could have Still the worst one's being played Let it go another way Before sun goes down let me hold you again Feel the cold breeze on your skin Search you for the reason I am so far from your best For why I'm just another one Help me get back on the ground Or relapse
Just a Bit 04:20
Lights go brighter though it's something you would like It's getting dark and chilly with the night Your thought provoking self leaves its mark It's not my first time nor the last You're never meant to be the one to keep my heart Guess that any girl could play that part Just a little bit of love, to feel your breath and look you in the eyes You know I'm calling The sun is turning blue Pillow cry will satisfy the closeness needs When desperate ghosts crawl out from underneath And they'll laugh and put me in a line with creeps When all I want is just a bit How much am I mistaken in my self esteem That's how flawed I'll always be Just a little bit of love, to feel your breath and look you in the eyes You know I'm falling Shadows creeping at my door now You know I'm falling down I try to open up and fight my little war In the end I write another song
You've had your chance to sail with the wind Listen to the ravens They sang of it Watch out for the rain You shot The birds and the ones That dared to believe in the lies that were Sent to take control Insecure, in love with power You'd tear the ship down To remain the one in charge Smart, tall and handsome You comfort the needs Of today (you hear the) Lightnings striking far away Are a lie To take the captain's hat They've made them up Periodic wind Visions that hurt are still Fire resolving the night Red fingertips Crawling apocalypse Smile never has been so wide You throw your god against the facts Deceiving the simple minds Buying off the rich You hide behind democracy Leaving the wise outnumbered Your little minions are inspired Forgetting their yesterday lies they carry on For what you leave over They'll piss on their names with faith and joy Rains are falling down it wasn't a lie With lifebuoys thrown away you'll drown the last Never ending story had its time In tears of disrespect you're still insane
Used to the dark Tidied up the cage enough The tiny bits of sun The highlight of the month Learned to accept the void In me, found comfort inside Relished the life as given, with A solitary smile Stop the worry, stop the run For I found the holy one Treasure no one ever told me could exist How to make you understand That it's pure and unrestrained When the human words are flawed and so am I Stunned by the light Narrowed eyes, the legs are numb Does it matter now The love is for the dumb Few shivers, full moon rising Your eyes reflect the sky Forgot the past and future The present's upside down The cranes began to dance they call and mesmerize Obliterate the fact I had a previous life Top of the world or a whole another one The dreams have given up All the sleepless nights A fight for inner peace Headaches undermining The path I'm following When you waved your hand Breathed into me All of them disappeared Thoughts are rallying in the dark Chaos has the upper hand Crawling, fading Coming back to where I've been Recognise the cage I'm in Reason takes the fall What What have I let to take control Over mine Unready for your sacred soul Young mind I never intended any harm On your heart I, I didn't choose to fall this low And kill the light To rip the band-aid off And stab an angel in the back When the sky has fallen down How am I the guilty one Of a moment I have let the demons own After shredding everything You have led me to believe You've become the one to leave me all alone Now cold as ice you walk and yet still hypnotise With thunders in your eyes and cruel empty hi Vain are your efforts to scratch us out And keep the bubble up All the sleepless nights A fight for inner peace Headaches undermining The path I'm following When you waved your hand Breathed into me All of them disappeared I know You will stay away Keep my demons in you Make the worst of them When you shut the door And buried the key I send these words with Hope they help you Find a way back to me
Visions 04:06
Disenchanted stars Elevate Errors in design Resonate Staring from above mountains turn with disregard Inexperienced Shall bow down Crossed the line and raised the stakes When did innocent enjoyment start to Turn into regret In the fire of your life You give up on little moments You would die for in the past Vibrance of the night Emanates Crickets on a jam Let them play Sun is setting down yet still waking others up Why am I alone When it's out Crossed the line and raised the stakes When did innocent enjoyment start to Turn into regret In the fire of your life You give up on little moments You would die for in the past In the struggle to survive Endless ways of self-destruction keep on Selling out in packs How to end up at the top When we're going up the mountain carrying Seven heavy stones Slow it down and take a breath You don't have to run away from your own self
Twenty years are behind Should I have grown up by now When still emotional child Hopes for a chance to wake up And the world is still like a wild beast With madness and hoax in its eye Is there anyone there to say I'm wrong If I'm overreacting it's not my fault There's so much in me to express So much I'd like to receive Is the problem in language Or is it a wrong place to be Imprisoned by modern concepts That keep my true self locked inside Is there anyone there to prove me wrong If I'm overreacting it's not my fault Struggling to form my blurry bubble of joy Will you ever let me stop Am I insane or did one make a mistake To put me in this world
Mind how your own story rises Cry for tonight Smile other days When there's noone near to show you the way so you gamble one more time When your love's so strong has nowhere to go and the hopeless romance thrives When the forests keep on burning, rivers drying up And one more day's in the past Breathe in the night Take a look from aside Use the pen When life gave you one Write among the golden writings Ready to fight Fall and ascend
Human Ways 03:57
So again you're on your own Polarised Ready to forget, to use the pain Against your scars Call for unknown Clashes with emotions' trace Cast in the dark You create your human ways And you'll run And you'll run Just as far away from what can't be undone You will find what's left Give your songs a thousand meanings Find the one that's yours Keep the best of your experience See the flaws You've found what to crave You have lived your happy end Try (now) recreate Lucid dream that flew away And when light Shines again With the second chance for perfect life you had Cast aside what's passed


After six years of cultivating his passion for music, playing keyboards in various bands and developing one side project after the other, Bartek Kosiński has announced the beginning of The Maple Verse - the main and most important project of his career so far and one that he plans to develop intesively over the upcoming years. The long discography of albums that are yet to be made begins today with "Prove Me Wrong".

“Prove Me Wrong” is a great summary of all the various influences that Bartek has picked up over the years, balancing between complicated progressive rock structures and simpler alternative and art pop songs. The sound palette ranges from gentle piano and string orchestra to fierce drumming and heavy guitars. The common factors keeping those pieces together is Bartek’s soft vocals and his deep and personal lyrics.

“Prove Me Wrong is the exact kind of musical journey I wanted my first proper album to be. It takes the listener through the different shades of my musical soul, I’m extremely proud of it. Every person I invited to work with me on the album has expanded its depth further and I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed to it”.


released October 21, 2022

All songs and lyrics written by Bartek Kosiński

Produced by Mateusz Jagiełło and Bartek Kosiński
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Vocals by Bartek Kosiński
Piano by Bartek Kosiński
Keyboards by Bartek Kosiński, except "Visions" by Mateusz Jagiełło
Bass Guitar by Bartek Kosiński
Drums by Jake Aubrey
Electric Guitar by Mateusz Jagiełło, except "Periodic Wind" and "Fall and Ascend" by Filip Przybyła
Acoustic Guitar by Mateusz Jagiełło
Solo Cello in "Sounds and Voices" and "A Midnight Contemplation" by Finn Froome-Lewis

String Arrangements in "Just a Bit" and "A Midnight Contemplation" by Jack David Newton
The arrangements performed by:
Violins – Hatty Haynes, Anna Brigham, Darius Thompson, Gemma Sharples, Edward McCullagh, Valeria Pozzo⁠
Violas – Francesca Gilbert, Charlie Cross, Joseph Fisher⁠
Cellos – Anna Menzies, Maya Kashif⁠
Conductor – Micaela Carballo⁠

Recorded at:
Drums: The Barn Studio, Bath with recording engineer Julian Kirk
Piano, Solo Cello, String Orchestra: University for the Creative Arts with recording engineer James Edward Armstrong
Bass Guitar and Electric Guitar by Filip Przybyła: University for the Creative Arts
Vocals recorded at TMV Studios
Acoustic and Electric Guitars by Mateusz Jagiełło recorded at Commonwealth Studios

Artwork photos: Veroniqa Rose Thomas
Artwork design: Viviqa Thomas


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