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Telepathic Minds

by Overhead

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Striking 4-page double CD digipack including a 12-page booklet with dedicated artwork for each song and all the lyrics.

    Artwork and design by Alex Keskitalo.

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Side One
    1. War To End All Wars 8:44
    2. Ghosts From The Future 12:41
    i) Endless Sleep
    ii) Last Chance To Bail

    Side Two
    3. Sail Across The Universe 8:22
    4. The Pilot's Not Fit To Fly 9:18

    Side 3
    1. Telepathic Minds 17:18
    i) Hypnotized
    ii) Random Honesty
    iii) Telepathic Minds
    iv) Back In Time
    v) Reprise: Home Again
    2. Tuesday That Never Came 4:03

    Side 4
    3. Planet Of Disorder 7:18
    4. Sheep Stay Silent 7:45
    5. Almost Always Near The End 7:45

    Includes unlimited streaming of Telepathic Minds via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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War To End All Wars Peaceful is the day Restless every night No turning back Time can stay It's not too far Even stars decay Into the dark Given enough delay Who could see beyond the flesh enough to stay Movement in time It's taken all morning But I've figured it out It's more than a muffled warning Even when that time we said If it didn't matter much If it didn't mean anything In an endless universe One of endless universes Is this real? Or how distorted reality feels like Divergent till the end In honesty The future seems to go on forever Downtown disorder This time it's the end Stand down, hold on a minute Reaching for the hole in the wall Holding out, defeated, admit it London town In the war to end all wars We make ruptures in the fabric of time and space But we'll never change the human race
Ghosts From The Future I) Endless Sleep Alone again, alone again, we're all the same Let's go find your center, open your mind And depart The expansion of space is a burning fire when observed from a distance Light within the dark And all is well as long as our minds stay clear Go deeper, until the end, you die Endless sleep For tonight we dine in the way we'll dine hereafter The dead will die again And it's all they're after and it's all insane To be home to be home once again Home again, you're home again Let's all pretend We're ghosts from the future with scary eyes In the dark Then the darkness became us intertwined our lives better shoot in silence right between the eyes with a sound as loud as our minds can hear Waste it all in the end you die Endless sleep II) Last Chance To Bail Plans fail soon enough Might as well delete it all Faster through the stairway I'll catch her Soon I may as well Last chance to bail, Sylvia Since time was made Yet here we are All plans will fail Soon enough On judgement day delete it all It's time Escape through the door Now they know who you are Answer I swear I will never tell Let it happen Soon it's too late as well
Sail Across The Universe If I told you the way the world turns can not be reversed then this wouldn't be happening If all that you are is reduced to blood, crazy genes That's definitely insanity Is it already late to change the way The future from nature's point of view We're falling deeper into the sun In an endless wave, try to reach out and sail Take me away, believe me, I'm not the worst And that's just the way it is It takes time to cross the universe But the message keeps travelling Is there really no way for me To go faster than a vector pointing out to forbidden corners of the sun In an endless wave Trying to reach out and sail Sail across the universe It's understanding It's who you are Stay to watch the burning fire A time for panic, a time for calm They can not defeat us all It's public knowledge The secret's guarded No way to stop the shooting Start intergalactic violence In the future war Dreams Oh what and where are you How no one knew to prepare Don't inhale The air is stale Seal them off from the rest of the world 'Till the best of us are dead Or kill the toxic part instead, you decide Your future You're not finished yet, you're not defeated Please just read updates instead, do not repeat it Creatures adapt to this earth and entropy Tell teacher do not be disturbed by philosophy
The Pilot's Not Fit To Fly I nearly got stuck in the past Not really just saying I just can't deal with it any more Just can't deal with it Believe me it's in the air Stop breathing, exhale Just don't deal with it any more Just don't deal with it any more Too many lies to find hidden through the ages Any truth would be lost like an ocean With any luck I will find I will be home once again Believe me it must be said Maybe if it was worth if it was worth considering Was it worth it Considering the pilot's not fit to fly So if this isn't panic time I just don't know what is any more I just don't know what it is any more Believe me it must be said, maybe Couldn't see if it was worth considering Was it was worth it
Sleep Tight Sweetheart You're home again Go deeper We're not the same Go further this time Standing on the line unprepared Go first, child This is not the end The end is the end Sleep tight sweetheart There's still, still time Dark light Breathe in, breath out Until we fall When the storm begins Seek shelter Not feeling confident Repeat 'till you've seen enough Next time you'll know There is no last time Let's not pretend Again and again and again See the sun and moon above Reaching for these days We're not allowed to think about it Don't give yourself away
Telepathic Minds I) Hypnotized I lay awake after all I thought it was but it went away Everyone just needs to breath and stop trying to be evil Stay still and lay awake as the fall Advances - Hypnotized by promises alone Live ordinary lives! I'm going off to the other side Stay away after all I thought I saw a stairway My secret say nothing Let's stay awake for the fall Advances - Hypnotized by promises alone Live ordinary lives! I'm going off to the other side II) Random Honesty I can't believe word was never sent honestly it's nothing, not forgotten anyway far from it, once gone, holding on in memory Tried reverting to any version functioning Cancel it Seems broken again to me You seem broken again to me This time random honesty without you Means I'm running out, running out of air So what, turn it up again, much too much And I'm not turning it off, home again! III) Telepathic Minds Swept aside again, not this time You're dead between the eyes I've seen the future We're already lost in time And I'm such a patient guy An unnecessary smile Sudden need to reply Communicating Telepathic minds, talk to me What more could I have said With a telepathic mind, now walk with me toward it before they turn back in time Pretending to understand Not this time I read between the lines I see the future, I see us steadily decline Leave everything behind I'm certain we'll be fine couldn't be better defined: if(anything){we="telepathic minds";} Telepathic minds, talk to me What more could I have said With a telepathic mind, now walk with me toward it before they turn us back in time IV) Back In Time IV) Back In Time I walk away with more to say Telepathic minds To be warm again with the songs we sang Take me back sometimes Talking is deceiving and this time I won't be late Give me a reason to be real once again I walk this way for today I'm taken back in time Back to those warmer days Past decades taken back somehow But the calls just kept repeating And this time I opened the line Soon you'll believe me You'll be home once again I walked way too far today I take a path this time To belong again Still songs to sing Telepathic minds V) Reprise: Home Again
Tuesday That Never Came Turn it on, it's alive moment's later Fear is infinite power with a million motives Too much to navigate Tuesday that never came Turn it off and on again Life is a wasteland of dreams It remains unbroken Faster in the long term and slower in the short term lately We're already late The chance has gone away But not too far This is how we failed And blamed it on true north This is not true north Seen another way Some things they can never change Not too much or not enough Conditioned minds Repeat the same lines Like who's to say this is, this is not true north This is not true north Too much to navigate Some Tuesdays can never change Turn it off Or turn it off and on again then stop
Planet Of Disorder Randomness evens out Signals of where in time in space and who and where do I begin Is this the end What if I am the observer? I'm not a bot you believe me 'Cause you can feel me Like I've been here before Glitches and all the same It's almost time to turn it off and on again Pretend it's the numbers game it You'll never tame it Everything ends up gone And all that you want The air that you breathe To be eternal It's not impossible Probabilistic analysis it's never enough And to top it up Is turning on again Can't you see what I mean I believe the machines underneath the machines just goes on forever and ever This time shelter and cover It's not too late to fall further Our planet of disorder There's still time To blame the other Rendered a million times Now finally done We're having fun I feel it, it's real Explain to me How can it be so clean It's borderline inferno Under the signal to noise ratio A deeper truth A meaning You can see and hear again This is not the end And nothing is eternal At least not forever Stay Forever stay Anyway You'll be home once again Please do anything but teach us Let it almost reach us You'll be home once again Home I've never known Everything is just energy anyway We are living in a fantasy world Where nothing happens endlessly So you'll be gone in the end
Sheep Stay Silent Please stay on the line Said Phoenix to the fire Constants seem to be behind the denial Staring up at the tapestry in the sky Deep within my mind If you feel it or not Don't be a liar Oh Caroline I can't decide Nothing stays true Only in motion Stay behind Obey the signs Stop! Is it really happening? Make it anyone but me Never-ending dream We've been hypnotized Read between the lines Discovering it is the first step, next is denial Summing it up there's a chance nothing's final Sheep stay silent Can't take the truth away Truth is dead Watch the walls instead you're blinded in the end What was said I couldn't understand it and the feeling got stuck in my head The tables turned There are no rules this time Swear never to do it again Be yourself No need to describe it It happens again and again and again Winter sun stole the moon Darkness has begun Straight ahead through the veil this time The future can happen again Understand - we never got this far A first time for everything Don't be scared whatever happened once It can happen again and again and again It's the start of intelligence in the distant future Time twists and turns the truth into you Now the night is falling soon Is this the answer too in the distant future Go it is the time for you There's nothing left to do We're ever closer to the end
Almost Always Near The End Take a bow, we made it home again What if I said you were never in danger If you think about the details for long enough One of these days it'll probably happen Don't let the headlines deceive you It's not enough to be real Stop believing what you see is not real It's what you've already got Not giving up, better delete it Better not stop because it's never enough Back to me and my quarantine Shout death to machines It's guaranteed to never stop What's coming up Better to see than not to see Your god is like a disease Don't let the headlines deceive you! It's not enough to be real! It's real, it's the way things are Can't you feel it, can you hear them call What is really our destination all this time Cannot read, write, calculate this line Now hold! It's time to rewrite it's still the same set of ideas, couldn't be saner Days went by, no worries, no anything What does it mean? Suddenly silence Talk to me! Our destiny is covered up Need to rise up, need another shotgun loaded and locked Get off the street Cease and desist Pretend there's nothing to see It's real, it's the way things are Can't you feel it, can you hear them call I feel just fine, sleepwalking on the line Near the end of all, and we're almost always near the end All the time


Overhead is a Progressive rock band from Finland whose successful releases and live performances around Europe have catapulted the band to the top of the Finnish prog hierarchy. Overhead have played extensively for over 20 years at festivals and clubs in Germany, France, UK, Italy etc. sharing the stage with bands like Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets, Spock's Beard, Anathema, Threshold and Tangerine Dream to name a few.

After a set of critically acclaimed albums, Overhead are now back with their long awaited double studio album Telepathic Minds!
Telepathic Minds is musically Overhead's strongest album so far, featuring progressive and aural landscapes and long epic tracks with strong melodies, groovy riffs and catchy choruses. Lyrically the album echoes the turbulent times in which it was created in the midst of the pandemic and the war in Europe.

Telepathic Minds is available as a Double CD Digipack, a gatefold Double Vinyl LP and on all digital streaming and download platforms. It's the band's first double album and the first album available on vinyl.

Overhead was formed in 1999 and released a trilogy of studio albums: Zumanthum (2002), Metaepitome (2005) and And We're Not Here After All (2008). The works, released by the French Musea, received excellent reviews, radio play and recognition around the globe. The success of the albums led to the band touring in rock clubs and prog festivals around Europe.
The follow-up release Of Sun and Moon (2012) widened the band's sound even further. The album was followed by more live dates and Overhead performed at festivals in the UK (Summer's End) and in Italy (Veruno Prog Fest) for the first time.

The fifth studio album Haydenspark (2018) was a successful return to the more progressive style and it was very well received by fans and critics alike and followed by more live dates around Europe.
Reaching the band's 20-year mark in 2019, Overhead was the first Finnish band ever to play at Europe's biggest progressive rock festival Night of the Prog held at the legendary Loreley amphitheatre in Germany. The show was recorded and released as a live album Live at Loreley.

During the pandemic Overhead continued writing and recording their new album, in the midst of recording taking the opportunity to play at the Artrock festival in Germany. Having finished the recording the band returned to France in late 2022 to play at the festivals Crescendo and Prog en Beauce.

And now with much anticipation by the fans Overhead release their magnum opus: a double album Telepathic Minds, sounding better than ever!


released March 31, 2023

Alex Keskitalo: Vocals, flute
Jaakko Kettunen: Guitars
Ville Sjˆblom: Drums
Janne Katalkin: Bass
Jere Saarainen: Keyboards*

All music written by Overhead
Lyrics by Alex Keskitalo
Produced, recorded and mixed by Jaakko Kettunen & Alex Keskitalo

Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsb‰ck
Booklet design and artwork by Alex Keskitalo
Photographs by Miska R‰mˆ

*except Sail Across The Universe & Sheep Stay Silent keyboards by J. Kettunen

Overhead thanks everyone everywhere for their patience



e-mail: info@overhead-band.com
Messenger: m.me/overheadband


all rights reserved



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